Viviane Blumenschein, was born in Germany  and currently resides in Berlin, working as an international commercial and 

documentary filmmaker. She has her qualifications in Cultural Studies and gained her first experiences in film through working with diverse international commercial and feature film directors as an assistant director.  In her earlier works, she filmed and edited herself and became an editor for film trailers working for companies such as X-Filme, Warner and Kinowelt. 

Apart from directing commercials, her passion lies in documentary filmmaking where she is recognized for her moving and progressive stories with a strong visual and artistic approach. Viviane’s directorial work is also often regarded as authentic in storytelling, emotional and commanding in visual composition and music sensibility and has been awarded worldwide at film and commercial film festivals..  In 2018 she became a member of the German Film Academy.

„I am constantly searching driven by a childish curiosity which brings me in other peoples lives, emotions and dimensions. I am a filmmaker by passion, I struggle, fight and learn all the time and find my way of showing things differently. What makes it all interesting is surprise. You have to follow Your instinct, change direction and meaning, even when filming."    

Viviane Blumenschein

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