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Viviane Blumenschein is an international award-winning documentary and commercial filmmaker, currently resides in Berlin but also often shares her time in Capetown, South Africa, where she found her second home since many years.  


Viviane’ s directorial work is also often regarded as authentic in storytelling, emotional and commanding in visual composition and music sensibility.  She is inspired by the minute of everyday life and the beauty of the moment.  She explores her stories through a sharply tuned lens, always bringing an evocative sense of lyricism onto the screen. Apart from directing commercials, her passion lies in documentary filmmaking where she is recognized for her moving and progressive stories with a strong visual and artistic approach. In the past years Viviane writes, directs and also developed documentary series. In 2023 her current documentary for Sky, part of the “Her Story” series will be released.


Viviane has been nominated and awarded with her advertising films in Cannes, New York Festival, Ciclope and German Economic Film Festival, just to name a few.  

In November 22’ she received “Gold” at the Swiss Edi Awards for her unique and mesmerizing “Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar” campaign. 


She is also known for her international and award winning documentary films like “Dance for All” , “Going against Fate”, “Calle des Arte” and “Midsummer Night’s Tango” , which have been played on numerous festivals around the world. The documentary "Midsummer Night Tango", a musical tour through Finland has now screened in over 45 festivals worldwide. "Midsummer Night Tango" is an audience success in German cinemas, loved by the viewers as well as film critics.


Since 2018 Viviane is a member of the “German Film Academy”. Founder of DRCT, a German commercial directors union and is also part of the global “Free the Work” community.

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